Tregovenek is a Community Benefit Society. (Registration no. 8767)

This structure is the only legal structure that allows an organisation to offer ‘community shares’- i.e allow the local community to either partly or wholly own the organisation.

It is important to us that this land has the support and hearts of local people, and a sense of ownership and a say in the running of the organisation helps people feel directly involved. Anyone who buys shares has a voice, regardless of the size of investment. In this way there is no investor hierarchy.
Some of the funds necessary to make this vision a reality will therefore come from community members investing in shares.

The likelihood is that this share offer will be issued early in 2023. If you would like to be kept informed on this subject and our ongoing progress please subscribe.

We would also be interested to speak to you if you feel like you could support the project with a loan prior to the share offer which would help us to secure the land, and help bring the vision into reality. Please contact us to discuss this further.

We also very gratefully receive donations if you would like to support our vision.