Artist impression

An essential part of Tregovenek will be a truly nurturing gathering place for people to join together in ceremony and celebration, in both joy and grief.

A place where people feel supported and welcome, a place that can provide opportunities for events and gatherings. A place which can provide resources such as a small library and offer a comfortable place to hold a banquet, a dance workshop, a therapy session…
It will also provide a place for education and learning, not only as an example of innovative green building techniques but a space for sharing the many aspects of learning from the whole of the Tregovenek project and beyond.

As part of the structure there will also be a small wood-fired commercial kitchen which will provide another stream of employment and income as well as tasty food for events and gatherings at Tregovenek.

Outside the structure will also be areas for gathering, sharing, and meditating. A place to nurture and revive.

We have worked with Mark Leib of Earth Alkemist to create a vision of what this could look like if we were to build with natural materials, embed sacred geometry and the summer solstice into the essence of the structure. The drawing above shows how this dream could be.