Currently the land is a single 8acre field which has been grazed for at least 3 decades.

The exact way this will change is not yet defined as the broad-scale design process has yet to happen.

Using regenerative farming practices, we envisage a mixed use with some field-scale crops, some agro-forestry and/or silvopasture, some wildlife corridors, coppice and areas of grazing too. The aim here is for diversity and resilience. The land has the potential to provide food, fuel and other materials whilst also providing a rich learning ground, local employment and access to land. All of this whilst also making sure that the wildlife and the land itself is benefiting by adhering to our values and principles. The land itself will also have a voice through our structure- please see ‘voice of the land‘ for further information.

If you have an idea for an innovative use of this land which will adhere to our values and principles please contact us to discuss it further.