The Whanganui river, New Zealand has the same rights as a human.

The ecological crisis of our time requires that we take radical action to regenerate and rejuvenate our biosphere.

One of the innovative ideas we are wanting to include is giving the land a voice in all decisions we make.

Elsewhere in the world the experience and knowledge of indigenous peoples helps to shape sustainable natural environments to the benefit of all such as the Whanganui river in New Zealand which has been given the same rights as a human.

In the UK our natural environment has been shaped by centuries of cultural intervention, changing our landscapes to meet the predominant need of our human population. We now know that such landscapes are unsustainable, both to support modern lifestyles and to sustain our natural life support systems. We can all work toward regenerating our land but how can we be sure that any of our interventions will be for the long term benefit of the land and what will be needed to sustain us for generations to come? People will come and go but the land will endure.

At Tregovenek we want to ensure that all our actions will benefit the long term health and vibrancy of the land under our control. To ensure this we will gift the land the right to influence all the decisions that could impact upon this aim. How we embed this within our organisation is our evolving challenge, but we will give voice to the land and will enshrine it within our inclusive ways of working. We will hear ‘The voice of the land’ and respond to her needs.

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