We believe that how we work together today shapes the future we want to create for tomorrow. The Ways of Working circle has a mandate to support Tregovenek people to work together in ways which are true to our vision and values. 

We are using a living systems approach to develop the systems in which we work; this means thinking about ensuring our vision, values and principles are woven into our decision-making, our feedback and information flows, how we manage resources, how we care for each other and how we manage conflict. We’re very conscious of how the dynamics between more powerful and more marginalised identities such as gender and race can impact on our work and we actively seek to address these. 

To date, the ways of working group has facilitated the wider Tregovenek community to undertake Sociocracy training, to articulate our values and principles statement and to create a welcome process for new members. 

If you would like to read more about living systems, please click here for a useful explanation from Navigate.